The Meaninglessness Meme

BO: Is the reason why people avoid strategic stepping that as soon as they strategic step, they get depressed and think “life is meaningless”, so as a result they suppress the thought and try to be happy? Could this be the main reason why people conform to the majority?

FH: I think it’s a fundamental reason. You’re supposed to accept society. If you don’t conform, then you get incapacitated by the meaninglessness meme. It’s society’s last line of defense that works every time.

BO: That sounds too ingenious to be coincidence.

FH: It might be the result of natural selection. When you reject the majority opinion in a fundamental way, which no one ever does, you get overcome by intense feelings of guilt, loneliness, depression, and so forth. No one is tough enough to withstand it, so they wind up succumbing to the meaninglessness meme. That’s not looked up to by many, but at least it’s harmless.

BO: Then why do you manage to defy everyone without the benefit of moral support? Anyone joining you should have an easier time from a psychological perspective.

FH: I haven’t provided much moral support. They need impressive numbers to feel they’re part of something strong. I’m just a single human, easy to look down upon and ridicule.

BO: Why don’t you succumb to meaninglessness like everyone else?

FH: I’m not an individual.


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  1. Ophelia Said:

    I couldn’t agree more with this post. The meaninglessness meme is incredibly strong once it grabs hold of you. I should know.

    It’s good to know that someone like you exists and will never give up. No, you are not an individual, that’s what makes you unique in the end, is it not?

    “How does society manage to coax every single person into acceptance when it can’t even stop serial murders?” Yes, how?

    “Something prevents the average person from assuming an inquiring mindset.”
    99% of the population is made up of monkeys that only look human. I came to conclude that most people just haven’t evolved yet, and that is just how it is. It was the wrong era to be born into, I guess. I just ignore them, it’s easier that way.

    I like this blog, though I disagree with some points, but thought I’d leave a comment because at least you think for yourself and you are logical.

    Logic, it seems, is a dying breed. Is it not ironic that some people are able to reason well, yet their actions always seem to defy all logic? That is why I ignore people now. Whatever one says, it is always the opposite in reality, and that is also why nothing makes sense in society.

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